Jekyll & Hyde – The Musical

Here’s to the start of 2017! Tonight I went to go and see ‘Jekyll & Hyde – The Musical’ at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester. Having only heard of the two names ‘Jekyll’ and ‘Hyde’ I had no clue of the characters or the story, so I was going into this performance with a complete clean slate.
Dr Jekyll, played by Thomas Pleasant is a scientist is devolved to his life’s work in trying to separate the good and evil in people, into the hope to remove evil all together. Unfortunately, the General Hospital Board do not see Dr Jekyll’s same way of thinking. Therefore, Dr Jekyll has to result in conducting experiments on himself which as dangerous concerques. As a result his evil personality takes over, and turns into the evil Mr Hyde!
Starring Thomas Pleasant as Dr Jekyll, and Olly Medlicott as Mr Hyde. The use of lighting, smoke and darkness set the mood of the whole show. The transitions between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were expertly done! Even in some cases, both the actors being on stage at the same time. Mr Hyde lives a mad and darkened night life, completely different from Dr Jekyll and the difference is clear by how Olly portrays the character and this is brilliantly done! I couldn’t fault it!
The use of sound and microphones have been put to great use here, for example, when it came to Dr Jekyll talking the microphone was turned down a little a used a more soft effect to make the character came across gentle and calm. Whereas, with the Hyde character, the volume of the microphone was raised and more of a booming, powerful effect was used giving the effect that the character was in complete control!
The singing from the two female leads were outstanding, and the same can be said of the whole company. I came home feeling satsifed and happy that I got the chance to see this show on the closing night. I wish I had seen this sooner. I really look forward to what the Colchester Operatic Society come up with next! A truly brilliant show, and a great way to start 2017! Well done to all!
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The VI Critic 

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