Monty Python’s ‘SpamAlot’

Hi guys, welcome to another review! I know this has been a long time coming but this show was worth the wait!

Last night I went to go see ‘Monty Python’s – SpamAlot’ at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester. Starring Bob Harms as King Arthur and Dale Superville as ‘Patsy’ tells the story of King Arthur, Camelot and the search for the ‘Holy Grail!’ Although, not as you’ve seen it before!

The story had lots of humor with plenty of modern references, including a massive twist to Lancelot I was not expecting at all! The singing by all the cast was brilliant although the voice of Sarah Harlington playing ‘The Lady of the Lake’ was stunning and she had a good strong voice! The sets of the show were brilliantly done, all the sets had a very cartoon texture about them, apart from Camelot which was the medieval version of Las Vagas!

I was lucky enough to go to the press party after the show, so I got to meet some of the cast after the show. Talking to them, you could really tell they were passionate about this show and you could also tell they were all very close friends by the end of rehearsals. 

Me talking to Dale Superville aka ‘Patsy’
Me talking to Bob Harms aka ‘King Arthur’

So using my new rating system of how I rate shows:

People with a Visually Impairment: The use of bright colours in the sets and the costumes along with the brilliant acting and humor you will no problem watching this show.

People who have no vision: When going to see a show having Audio Description is always going to be helpful, however, if you can’t seem to get an Audio Described performance for this show with the brilliant acting and humor I honestly think you will have no problem following this show. If you would like to see when they have Audio Described Performances then you can contact the theatre by clicking HERE!

To sum up, this is an absolutely brilliant show! If you have some free time in the three weeks then go and see this! ‘SpamAlot’ is running from 21st April to 13th May 2017! If you interested in getting tickets, you can find all the information by clicking HERE

Until Next Time,

The VI Critic

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