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I also offer other services, along with the blog that I post.

I can offer the following:

  • Media Appearances – Do contact me personally regarding media appearances. Either using the form below or emailing: 

  • Pubic Speaking Engagements – Can be for anything, charity events, schools, businesses or motivational days.

  • Visual Impairment Consultation – I can offer advice or guidance on accessibility ideas for your business, maybe you are taken on an employee who is Visually Impaired and your not sure what measures to put in place for them and need some help. 

  • Individual School Classes – I can also offer a class by class session on what it’s like to experience a Visual Impairment. This is similar to my Pubic Speaking, but I can bring this down to a small group or a certain individual. By offering advice and personal experiences. Along with all this, they will get to try various tools and equipment, e.g. Magnifiers, Liquid Level Indicators & Other Resources. 

  • Visual Impairment Consultation (Schools Edition) – If you have one or more pupils or students that have a Visual Impairment and you feel will benefit from having a session with me. This a wide range of topics from one on one mentoring to a small group session. For more information, please contact me, using the form below!     

I can really cater to anything or anyone. 


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