Caroline’s Kitchen – By Torben Betts

Hi everyone, I thought I come back at you with another review. This time its a comedy called ‘Caroline’s Kitchen’ at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester and touring around the UK.

‘Caroline’s Kitchen’ tells the story of Caroline a famous TV chef who is trying to juggle her fame, her marriage, her relationship with her son and just about everything else. But not everything goes the quite what she expects.

I have to say that first off, this was a lot of fun, there was plenty of humor and laugher throughout the whole play. There were some brilliant performances from all the cast, Aden Gillett particularly stood out to me as an actor with bags of experience, and you could tell right from the outset that he was thoroughly enjoying every minute along with Caroline Langrishe starring as ‘Caroline’.

The set itself was clear, with plenty of natural light, which was excellent as you could quite clearly see what was going on. On this occasion I had to sit at a bit of an angle of there was a lot of seats that had already been booked out for this show. There was pretty much a full house. Before the show began I was a little concerned that props and other pieces of the set would be directly in my line of sight which would make things a little difficult, however within seconds of the show starting, these certain things and props were removed, so in the end, there was no problem.

There is some use of flashing lights and some loud noises at certain points of the show, but there are over soon enough, within seconds so its something to keep in mind but I believe it will not cause a big problem for most of you. But again it’s something to keep in mind should lighting be a problem for you.

Overall then, I definitely think this is something worth seeing, its really great fun and with lots of laughs. You have a real connection with the main characters, and its a great night out in general if you need a night out. Again really good fun!

Onto the ratings:

People With A Visual Impairment:

Honestly, there is no problem here at all. It won’t matter where you sit, although this will depend on the individual theatre that this show is playing at. If there is a certain seat you like to sit at then I would go with that first, but if you can’t seem to get that seat, then you shouldn’t worry, you won’t be missing anything.

People With No Vision:

I think you will not have too much trouble here. Sure there is the odd scene where the humor is visual so, you may need a little help from a sighted friend. But most of the show and jokes are verbal. So I think you will get as much out of the show as the rest of the audience. Audio Description and Touch Tours performances are available should you have a personal preference to have Audio Description. But should you not be able to get tickets for these performances then a normal performance will be fine to go to.

The show ‘Caroline’s Kitchen’ is running at The Mercury Theatre from the 9th until 13th April 2019, If you would like to book tickets for the run at The Mercury Theatre then you can click HERE for their website. 

Until Next Time,

The VI Critic.