Friend Request


I didn’t think I would be blogging and reviewing a film on a blog about theatre and musicals, but I felt like I didn’t want to leave everyone waiting until the next time I go and see a show. So I thought I would go ahead and review a film I recently saw instead.

I recently went and saw a film which I believe came out in cinemas last week and the film is called ‘Friend Request’. ‘Friend Request’ is about a young student who goes to college in the USA. I would describe her as one of these “popular” girls who ways has to stand out and go to all the college parties and social events. The film is centred around the social media site Facebook (I’m sure you all know what Facebook is, I mean who hasn’t got an account these days). Anyway, the main character called Laura has over eight hundred ‘friends’ on Facebook, meets this more shy, eerie character called Marina. Marina has a condition called Trichotillomania. If interested I will leave a link about the condition below at the end of this post.

This film is very dark and is every much revolved around black magic, and Marina casts a spell on Laura. For all you ‘Harry Potter’ fans out there please don’t think this is similar, because sadly it isn’t. This has a lot of jump scares and can be quite graphic.

I have been to this cinema more times than I can count, and they are always really helpful and friendly. They always try to accommodate me in anyway they can. They let me pick the exact seat I want, if the film is Audio Described then they will also offer it to me. Even in some cases bring my food and drink in a little later once I’ve sat down, so hey waiter service!! The chain of cinemas are called ‘Cineworld’ and I’ve never ever had a problem. They will always try and get me on the front row so I don’t need to climb any stairs in the dark which for me is always a nice touch! 🙂

Again, this isn’t something which I would normally talk about but I thought I would write about my experience going to the cinema and I would urge anyone who is blind or visually impaired to try this company if you haven’t already!

Information on Trichotillomania: or

Trailer to the film below:

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