Dick Whittington

Hi, back again with another panto review! This time I went to go see Dick Whittington at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester! I was especially looking forward to seeing this one as I had seen Aladdin there the previous year and that was brilliant!

For those who don’t know the story, Dick  Whittington is of a young boy who tries to seek is fortune in the mad streets of London, there he meets a young girl called Alice who’s father owns a herb and spice shop. Looking for a job, Dick rushes to the shop and begs Alice’s father for a job. After this, things go a bit sour for Dick and his feline friend, so they are banished for all of London. After a mad adventure of twist and turns, they all end up back in London safe and sound!

Photo: Dick Whittington (Glenn Adamson) looking out into the distance singing!

Starring Glenn Adamson as Dick Whittington, Dale Supperville as Jack and Anthony Stuart-Hicks as Dame Sarah the Cook. This is an absolutely brilliant show! There was plenty of laughs and comedy throughout! Anthony Stuart-Hicks as the Dame was absolutely hilarious! The first time I saw him perform when he was in Aladdin last year. Tonight he completely stole the show, I sat there in stitches at times and just thinking to myself: “Please stop making me laugh for ten minutes so I can breathe!” I could easy sit there and just watch a show with just him for two hours! I was luckily enough to get the chance to meet him after the show, and he was telling me how he does the producing side of theatre for most of the year and only really preforms in shows at Christmas. Which personally I think is a real shame. Anthony if your reading this, honestly no words can describe how good your were, and you honestly deserve more praise than I can give you!

Photo: Sarah the Cook (Anthony Stuart-Hicks) and Jack (Dale Supperville) in the ships kitchen joking around with the audience.

This show as absolutely fantastic! Seriously people, after reading this review go and buy a ticket! This is a MUST SEE (capital letters) for sure this Christmas! I have seen a lot of shows and Pantomimes over the years I’ve been going to theatres and this is so easily in my Top 3 Pantos I’ve seen! Just please leave a couple for me as I will be going back to this again! The show is family friendly and is for children all ages, and the adults too will get a massive kick out for it!

Photo: Selfie of Me, Anthony Stuart-Hicks and PA Mandy after the show!

Their is a touch tour and Audio Described version of the show on Thursday 7th December, for those of you who are interested! I have ran out of words I can use to praise this, so I am going to stop writing cause their is nothing more I can say!

Theatre Website: https://www.mercurytheatre.co.uk/

Until Next Time,

The VI Critic!

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