Snow White & The Seven Dwafs

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been looking forward to writing this review all year! As it is December and the run-up to Christmas, then it can only mean one thing…it’s Pantomime Season! This year I went to see ‘Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs’ at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester, and this year like every year previous did not disappoint!

‘Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs’ tells the story of a Princess, whose mother dies and her father remarries her evil stepmother wants the be ‘the fairest in the land’ and will stop at nothing to become so. It’s the classic fairytale of good and evil.

‘Snow White’ played by Megan Bancroft was very good in this role, and her singing voice was beautiful and I was very pleasantly surprised. Her singing was lovely to listen to. I went to look at her credits after the show and was surprised to see that she has not landed a major role in the West End. I honestly don’t know how she has not yet been picked up by one of the big shows!

Photo By Robert Workman

Photo Description: Snow White & Robert sitting on a bench in front of bright green bushes

Like the previous two years, Anthony-Stuart-Hicks is back once again to play the role of ‘Nurse Nellie’ and as expected he did not disappoint! I was very happy to see him in the programme again this year! His humor and comedy left me and everyone in the audience in balls of laughter, making his own written jokes and playing with the audience in many ways! He was teamed up once again with Dale Supervillle, and these two working together is an absolute comedy dream! However, this year I was very disappointed to see that they did not have many scenes together, and were not on stage as much this year. The only criticism I have of the whole show was this. Please, please next year have these two have more time on stage and in much more scenes together!! After the show, Anthony said that he has already signed for next year, so please make this possible. 

Photo By Robert Workman

Photo Description: Nurse Nellie & Muddles singing and dancing on stage in front of green bushes with red roses

I was a very good night overall and a MUST SEE this Christmas season! 

People With A Visual Impairment: The Mercury Theatre is quite small and the stage is very close to the audience so if you can manage to get a seat within the first six rows you will be more than fine. One thing to bare in mind is that throughout the show there, are a lot of bright and flashing lights.

People With No Vision: A performance with Audio Description and a touch tour is available (see website for further details) but if you can’t get tickets for that performance, then honestly you won’t have a problem. Sure there are the odd scene or two, which can be quite visual, but I don’t think it will affect your enjoyment or the show as a whole at all. 

‘Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs’ is running at The Mercury Theatre from 25th November until 4th January 2018! Get your tickets now, as they are selling very quickly! For more information, you can CLICK HERE!


Photo Description: Me & my Guide Dog Blossom with the comedy duo Anthony-Stuart-Hicks and Dale Superville

Until Next Time!

The VI Critic!


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